Thai Yoga Massage Trainings


Thai Yoga Massage is a ancient holistic practice with roots in Ayurveda, it has been practiced by Buddhist monks for centuries. In the practice the body is viewed as a living energy system. Imbalances in this system create “dis-ease”.

thai massage Jamie TancrediThai yoga therapy incorporates stretches, rhythmic pressure, deep relaxation and works with energy (sen) lines of the body to restore balance. Thai massage increases joint mobility, improves flexibility, circulation, tones organs, relieves muscular and emotional tension, and is a healing therapy for both giver and receiver.Whether you are a body worker or yoga professional, this amazing training will give you a greater appreciation for the complexity of the body, teach you how to identify and provide relief for tension and enhance your confidence when working with a client.

thai massageThis training is offered over 2 four day periods, level 1 & 2. Each level is a 26 hour in depth study of the practice and a certificate is received at the completion of each level.

These 2 intensives will give you the ability to give a full body 1.5 -2 hour Thai Yoga Bodywork session.
Additional training will be available in the near future.

In this course you will:

thai training done(2)Learn to give a 1.5- 2 hour Thai yoga bodywork session.
Learn proper alignment and body awareness.
Learn basic meditation practices to prepare yourself for healing work.
Be introduced to the history and theory behind Thai massage
Have fun!


Thai is a beautiful healing art which is as beneficial for the given as the receiver. We hope you join us.

Cost $450 per level or both levels 1 & 2 for $800 when paid in full. 

Dates TBD

Level 1- Fundamentals- Prone & Supine

Level 2 Theory and Practice- Seated and Side-lying

Intro to Thai Bodywork workshop


Thai Bodywork Gallery 

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