thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage is dated back about 2500 years ago to India as it has its roots in yoga and Ayurveda. Thai yoga was founded by Jivaka Kumar Baccha better known as Doctor Shivago. Around 2000 years ago, Thai Yoga Massage made its way to Thailand along with the teachings of Buddhism. It has been passed on through many generations as a spiritual practice mostly practiced in Buddhist temples. Until recently, Thai thai done(2)Yoga was practiced only by monks as an integral part of traditional Thai medicine, which was coupled with meditation and herbs.

Thai Yoga is a holistic therapy that addresses the human journey to wellness through the spiritual, mental, energetic, physical and emotional aspects that contribute and affect the whole. Working with the rhythm of the rising and falling of the breath, the giver and receiver engage in what is often called the dancing meditation or lazy mans yoga. The practitioner uses her body weight, palms, thumbs, elbows, feet and knees to apply different amounts of pressure as well as a combination of rocking, pulsing, stretching and assisted yoga positions as well as joint mobilization, muscle compression and acupressure.  Thai bodywork can best be seen as a blend of different healing arts such as yoga, massage, acupressure, reflexology, meditation, chiropractic, Ayurveda and energy work.

The aim is restoring balance to the body, and energizing the flow of circulation in the body to the benefit of overall body health. The work on the body focuses on “sen lines”, activation of acupressure points and simple yoga stretching.  The bodies’ energy systems which are comprised of many energy channels which flow through the body, we call these “sen lines” they are similar to energy lines used in Thai Yoga MassageChinese acupuncture. The vital life force pulses through this network of “sen lines” through prana, or also known as chi (life energy).  This life energy is absorbed through the air we breathe as well as the food that we eat. When the life energy is flowing uninhibited through the body one experiences a greater sense of well being and health.

Treatment is received on a cushioned mat on the floor while the receiver is dressed in light, loose attire. No oils are used. A traditional treatment involves a brief consultation and questionnaire for overall well-being and any limitations.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

~ Through Thai Yoga one is opened to a greater degree of movement and flexibility assisting one to feel a deeper sense of embodiment as well as, benefiting the general wellbeing and balance of the body.

thai done~Thai Yoga Massage interacts with the muscular, circulatory and nervous system to enhance the body’s natural healing capacity.

~ Can improve posture, breathing, digestion, circulation and flexibility.

~ Emotions, stress and nervous tension reduced.

~ Brings about a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

~ Can also benefit an array of conditions such as digestive disorders, joint pain, menstrual problems, headaches, tension, back pain, stress related conditions and insomnia.

 Before You Arrive

~ Drink plenty of water the day before and day of your appointment, as well as after you leave.

~ Wear loose and comfortable clothing. (No rayon or wind pants)

~ Come clean to your appointment.

~ Please try to come on an empty stomach as deeper work can happen when the body is not working to digest food. Preferably fasting at least two hours before you arrive.

– Before your first visit please inform me about anything in your body you are presently nurturing, health concerns or past surgeries. If there is any doubt whether Thai Yoga Massage is for you please consult your doctor first.

Thai Yoga Massage Trainings 

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